In this area I will keep you informed about the news in my career, my education and my life.

Currently I am working on one personal site and on the Flash version of the Art Gallery.

E-mail me for the detailed resume.

About Me

Career Objectives

To obtain employment with growth potential with a company utilizing my current skills to benefit a successful team and expand my knowledge in area of Web Design.

Technical Skills

stars.gifWindows XP Level 1 & 2 Introduction to Graphic Design

Windows Vista

Introduction to Web Design
Internet - introduction HTML Basics
MS Word 2003 Level 1 Fundamentals of Javascript
MS Access Level 1 Web Portfolio Design
MS Access Level 2 Information Design 1
Adobe Photoshop Web Design 1
Adobe Illustrator Dreamweaver Basic Concepts
Fireworks Dreamweaver 2
Flash Basics Customer Service
Flash Experience Design Workplace Success/Intrapreneurship